CWA – Woking Together To Help Realize Goals Mutually

Writers and editors who are committed to earning a living by doing what they love find the
content industry rather fragmented. Few major players dominate the market and call the
shots. They have a major say in matters like deciding on copywriting issues, setting
standards for promoting professional behaviour. However, they are hardly concerned with
the prospects of the writers. Content writing is a niche based, specialty-oriented task
however it lacks standard practices. There is an indispensable need to organize the
scattered set of skilled and semi-skilled professionals under one roof.

There are many small-time local and regional writers association, however, nothing so far is
being taken up on a comprehensive scale that encompasses a broad spectrum of interested
parties under one roof.

CWA Content Writing Association is a conglomeration of eminent experts from different
fields. Our executive panel incorporates many famed writers, educationists, publishers and
intellectuals who are revered in their fields. The association promises to be the biggest ever
nationwide effort of this magnitude that covers every major development in the industry
including local and regional developments.

What does CWA hold for its members?

CWA is designed with the core idea of benefiting the writers and editors who are committed
to earning a living out of their passion.

CWA is a professional association striving for empowering its members with the latest
industry trends and news, be the first in delivering opportunities for them and keeping them
updated with the industry’s best practices.

Members get an opportunity know each other, share and learn from fellow members thru
the member's blog post.

CWC also provides support to members for marketing their services to prospective clients

We provide tips on what to charge, devising marketing plans, expert proofreading support,
coaching on what editors demand etc.

Here we would also like to extend this opportunity to all our members to subscribe to our
newsletters to get tips and latest resources, hot jobs and assignments, info on free training
& shared resource, hiring companies and much more information
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Employers looking to hire resource can search through our website for graded and non-
graded writers under different categories and price segments.

We have launched an exclusive service for our paid members that is of immense benefit to
them in taking a leap towards the next stage of their careers. We help to design their
success strategy thru constant guidance.

Exclusive Service For Our Gold members:

For those who want to succeed by becoming a starred, certified writer, CWA offers a unique
opportunity for hand holding and grooming them. With a nominal fee, paid members can be
a part of the Writer’s and Editor’s exclusive club to make a career building difference. We
help our members through an all-round support in their initiative.

Our Gold Package Includes:

Free training and shared recourses
Exclusive webinars and virtual training sessions
Access to an exclusive bookstore
Submit your work for our expert's reviews
Interaction with the honchos of the industry, organizing Q&A sessions
Consultation on business laws, intellectual property matters, contract etc
Assuring that you are the first one to be informed about industry's best jobs
Grooming sessions and tips for interview preparation
Act as a regulator and arbitrator for settling discords and issues between employers
and members, assuring timely payments from starred employers etc
We hold a wide database of certified and graded members – both employer and
Option for paid members to report issues and maintain performance stats of
Members can showcase their services, sample works along with rates
Maintain member’s history including education, experience etc
CWA allocates ratings to members (Ranking based on past assignments and
Member’s profile displays employer testimonials, references for easy evaluation of a

Join us today!! Let us work together to help realize our goals mutually