Indian Content industry needs revamping

The art of storytelling is prevalent in India since ages seen widely in form of epic scriptures.
Businesses today are making good use of our affinity to storytelling and hearsays in form of
Content Marketing. A survey from eMarketer – January 2016 suggests that about 64% of
marketers believe content is the core ingredient of any brand awareness campaign. 53%
believe that it is the no.1 contributor to retaining and attracting customers.
According to the Annual Research done by Content Marketing Institute in 2015 on Budgets,
Benchmarks and Trends, 86% of B2B and 77% of B2C marketers rely on some form of content
marketing to promote their businesses. (
However, most of the novice players still struggle to create a meaningful content and simply
shoot in the dark by trying various trial-and-error content marketing strategies. It is imperative
for them to understand and design a broad framework that covers content in new forms and
faces. From infographics to entertaining videos and memes, launching forums and discussions
on social media, hosting events, live media, animation and VFX, content is engaging its target in
newer, ingenious ways.
With smartphones and telecom providers expanding their base, content creation has entered
into a new realm of digital infotainment. The new buzz in the content industry is on the
convergence of social media and content creation.
Newsletters, blogs, and social media dominate the marketplace nowadays. Snackable content
in form of infographics, memes and visual storytelling is the fastest growing in this segment.
In several brainstorming sessions with the microcosm of content industry encompassing CMOs,
media houses, and Content agency leaders several points were highlighted.
Indian marketers are still hesitant to take a final call:
Most of the marketers are aware of the modern concepts and trends of a content marketing
program and factors revolving around it. They have read and taken orientation on the subject
and done their homework right, they may be excited about the possibilities but don't know
where to start.
Banking upon the missing link:
While content marketers understand the benefits of a well-rounded content marketing
program, but tying result & return back to the campaign is a major hurdle for most.
This is where understanding and defining a content marketing framework plays its role.
Identifying metrics and its impacts at various levels, identifying influencers and linking them all
with the Financial impact is going to give them the much-needed push.

Fishing for the right talent:
There is a major gap of well equipt talent capable of running a high-quality content marketing
program. Training on market trends, how to create a structured, skimmed article fit for
different campaigns is a must.
Recognition and community building forums:
There is also a lack of sensitization towards fostering a sense of community, acknowledging
exceptional talents and rewarding performance thru forums.
Endeavors like forming a content marketing council will provide a big impetus to the cause. It
will help engage content marketers across levels to join hands with a wide talent pool. The
council will also act as a watchdog to ensure best practices are followed, talent recognition,
free training, industry updates and conglomerations and other community building measures
come under its scope.
Businesses have already started realizing that consumers need relevant, useful and interesting
content as per needs. Abstaining from launching a good content program makes even
dedicated customers move away quickly in search of relevant content by competing brands. It's
not an exaggeration to say that the Indian content industry has all the potential to become the
content hub of the world. But until the above issues are addressed, India's dream of realizing
this dream is far-fetched.