Tips for Effective Content Creation

The internet is a terribly busy place with attention spans getting shorter every moment. For
those who want to make their content speak and stand out, need to act fast with changing
times. Content has a major share in sales and promotion of business ideas. With over 3.74
billion internet users worldwide, the internet influenced sales to a tune of $2.1 trillion in 2016
as per a report on
It is therefore important to produce crisp and sharp contents to stay ahead in the game.
Here are the best tips for effective content creation:
1. Understanding Your Audience and Know The Competition:
Before starting to write its really helps to understand who you are writing for and being aware
of the demographics of your readers. Their interests, goals and the motive that prompts them
to read your stuff. It's also important to understand the best practices adopted by competitors;
improvising and implementing on them to keep ahead in the game.
Keep The Content Informative Yet Audience Specific:
Only 30% of Google searches provide desired results. Most the net is inundated with
information but hardly 20-30% of it is relevant. For content creators its important not to circle
around things and come directly to the point.
2. Keep It Short And Simple And Keep Away From Jargons:
While producing content online it's important to that the content is appealing. Images packed
with snackable content is the latest fad and it works. 67% of people remember infographics
after 3 days whereas they retain only 10% of the info heard and 30% of the info read. Readers
are skimmers with short attention span so they peck for words and fill in rest of the details. This
is one of the important things to keep in mind while producing crisp, sharp easy to grasp the
Likewise, jargons should be avoided by and large until the time it's absolutely imperative to
explain a complex industry related phenomena. Verbosity is the no. 1 killer of an interesting
3. Speak Your Brand’s Voice
Content should revolve around your brand ethos and stress on who you are and what your
brand believes in. Content style should match with the face a brand likes its user to keep in
their minds. Content styles must match and integrate this brand value across all mediums and

4. Social Proofing:
For write-ups to work, it needs to get the acknowledgment it deserves from dedicated readers
and authorities on the subject. Have your clients speak for you thru testimonials. Ask revered,
key figures and authorities on subject to comment or leave positive remarks about your work or
mention your blog on their page. This will help you to connect to the much larger fan base of
your patronizing icon and give the needed push to hop on to the next level.
5. Optimize the content:
Often users login thru different mediums to access content. Content creators should design
contents in a way that makes sure their articles are accessible on different devices. Most of the
news and shopping sites are streamlined to dish out bite-sized content.
While writing an article care must be taken to follow the rules of anchor text size, meta
description size, choice of Latent semantic keywords that support primary keywords; on the same
hand care should be taken not to overuse them.
6. Algorithm curation is in the buzz:
These days devices like mobile phones keep a tap on user activity in more ways than we can
perceive. It can determine if one is sleeping, driving, jogging or traveling across-country. For
this, it uses the accelerometer to measure speed, Gyroscope for tracking location etc. Smart
content publishers use this info to dish out contents. Speed and location aren't the only factors.
User level engagement, current activity, past behavior all are taken into consideration while
planning for content. Apps like Nuzzle and field trip analyze a whole lot of user patterns and
even serve info based on surroundings.